Disdrometer equipment can be ordered directly from us and will be shipped to endusers in your country.

For quotations or orders please contact us.


After receipt of your instrument at Distromet, it will be inspected and a failure analysis report and a firm quote of the repair cost will be made at no charge.

The repair work will usually include a calibration of the instrument and a renewal of the warranty for 12 months.

In order to perform the repair Distromet needs a purchase order from your institution, covering the quoted cost of repair and transportation charges. Distromet will accept orders sent by fax.

Sending your disdrometer for repair

When sending your disdrometer for inspection or repair please observe the following instructions:

Contractor for repair work DISTROMET LTD, Islerenweg 2, 8126 ZUMIKON, SWITZERLAND
responsible for quotation, repair, testing and and invoicing

UID (TIN): CHE-103.943.312

Shipping address:

Contact person

(upon arrival)

Attn: Chr. Buerki/ Distromet
Hohstrasse 1

Mr. Buerki
phone : +41 44 804 74 36
  • The sensor should always be shipped with the styrofoam cone taken off.
  • Use a large enough box and use enough padding between and around the instruments.
  • To prevent the electromechanical unit from being torne out of the sensor housing, fix a tape over the top of the inner cylinder of the sensor.
Transportation: Use a parcel service like UPS, TNT, DHL, please send prepaid.
Proforma Invoice for Customs

A Proforma Invoice should be sent along with the goods, stating the total value of the equipment:
Indicate approx. US$ 5000.00 for one sensor unit and US$ 7000.00 for one processor. (for customs only)

On your Proforma Invoice please indicate separately:

Ship to: CABTRONIX GmbH, Hohstrasse 1, CH-8302 Kloten, Switzerland

Sold to: (or Bill to): DISTROMET LTD., Islerenweg 2, 8126 Zumikon, Switzerland *

*This info is important for Swiss Customs and means that taxes at importation will be charged to Distromet Ltd.

Re importation: Your export documents such as Airwaybill, Customs Export Declaration or Proforma Invoice must be kept available for later reimportation of the repaired instrument into your country.


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