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In the following you will find a list of publications dealing with measurements made with a disdrometer in precipitation and also discussing results of raindrop measurements when using simultaneously different measuring devices. Problems of calibration of the disdrometer are treated as well.

As we are interested to update this list, we would welcome it very much if you could provide us with the latest publications about these subjects. Please be aware, that only journal articles of well known journals are considered. Thank you for your support.

Aniol, R., and J. Riedl, 1976: Schwankungen der Z/R Beziehungen und ihre Auswirkung auf die quantitative Radar-Niederschlagsmessung.
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Donnadieu, G., 1980: Comparison of results obtained with the VIDIAZ spectropluviometer and the Joss-Waldvogel rainfall disdrometer in a "rain of thundery type".
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Atmos. Res., 174, 41 – 51

Levin, Z., G. Feingold, S. Tzivion, and A. Waldvogel, 1991: The evolution of raindrop spectra: Comparisons between modeled and observed spectra along a mountain slope in Switzerland.
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Loeffler-Mang, M., K. D. Beheng, and H. Gysi, 1996: Drop size distribution measurements in rain - A comparison of two sizing methods.
Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 5, 139 - 144.


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...The JWD is one of the most widely used instruments around the globe for analyzing the RSD and rain characteristics...

…This clearly suggests that the rain integral parameters derived from the JWD can be utilized to understand the summer and winter rainfall RSD characteristics...

...The JWD is a reliable instrument that operates continuously and unattended...

...Despite advances in disdrometer technology in the 1980s, the JWD is still considered to be the standard for DSD measurements at the ground surface...

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